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Reasons to select tiles over timber

Undoubtedly, both tiles and timber are the most popular flooring materials. But which one will prove the best and go the distance ahead is a crucial question. We bring you the reasons, why tiles are better over timber, which will add value to your home.

Innumerable Options
There are endless number of tile options like ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, slate, polished, unpolished etc. No matter what the weather is, tiles are strong enough to sustain against it. Timber flooring can be a problem in the wet areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

For All Living Space
Tiles are a lot easier to lay and can be shaped into any size according to the space. They can also be laid in high-moisture areas like bathroom and even around the pool. Tiles are tough, durable and look great once installed. Tiles can be used in all living spaces. The tiles are easy to keep clean and less expensive, while timber requires great efforts to maintain cleanliness. Also timber needs regular polishing every 3-4 years to maintain it.

Less Expensive
There are many tiles available, which give the polished effect with less of the cleaning hassle and additional cost. The tiles are generally less expensive than timber and can really lighten and brighten your living space. The tiles provide elegant appearance, style, durability and also increase the property value.
So if you are building up a new home save up the extra and get the tile floors for desired results.


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